Posted by: Christian | March 23, 2007

Afghanistan Blogs

March 23, 2007.

I have been negligent this week and have not written a new entry on Afghanistanica. That is because I have been busy working on a blog index for The Afghanistan Analyst. In their errant judgement, the powers that be at that website (which is an incomplete working version at the moment) have allowed me to create a comprehensive list of Afghanistan-related blogs. That index took a long, long time. There was some serious googling and technorati action going on (on dial-up). Anyways, I created it since there is no decent comprehensive up-to-date list of Afghanistan blogs on the internet.

And a warning to Afghanistan bloggers: The Afghanistan Analyst will be undergoing a large update with much new content. When that is complete within about ten days the website will send out a notice over a number of listservs/email lists that focus on Afghanistan. Anyways, the people on these lists are academics, researchers, students, ngo workers, government types, etc… Hopefully, they will check out the blog index. So be on your best behaviour. No drunk or crazy-angry blogging this week. Inshallah, the Afghanistan blogosphere can make a good impression on these people.  

Please feel free to let me know if any blogs were excluded. I can been reached through the Afghanistan Analyst’s “contact us” page


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