Posted by: Christian | April 22, 2007

Fun With CIA Redaction in Afghanistan

April 22, 2007.

My blog entry making fun of Gary Schroen’s book was quite popular. So I figured it would only be fair to read the book by the other Gary about the CIA operations in Afghanistan in the months after 9-11. I’m not done yet, and a review is forthcoming. The book is Jawbreaker: The Attack on Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda: A Personal Account by the CIA’s Key Field Commander: A Book With Many Subtitles by Gary Berntsen. For now I just wanted to show the amusing CIA redactions from the book. They are censoring already well-known facts and information. And many of the redactions actually got by the censors for Gary Schroen’s book. Here’s a sneak peak.

Gary Berntsen

You can view the text up close by clicking on these thumbnails.



If you guessed that the redacted text is about Rasul Sayyaf then you win absolutely nothing. There were a total of seven clues that give away his identity. Especially funny is the fact that this same story is in Gary Schroen’s earlier book completely uncensored. Hooray for CIA consistency!


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