Posted by: Christian | May 6, 2007

Totally out of context quotes #9 and #10

May 6, 2007.

“What was more important in the world view of history? The Taliban or the fall of the Soviet Empire? A few stirred-up Muslims or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War?”

Context: Former US National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski speaking in the mid-1990s about American funding for the anti-Soviet Jihad and the rise of the Taliban. The quote is available all over the place with its date and context removed to make it seem as if Brzezinski is being quoted post 9-11. The earliest I can trace it back is to 1995 in Olivier Roy’s book Afghanistan: From Holy War to Civil War (Princeton University Press).

But this quote is post- 9-11:

“Had our leaders known that the cost of bringing down the Soviets would be over 3,000 dead Americans, the destruction of New York’s World Trade Center, an attack on the Pentagon, simultaneous embassy bombings in Africa, the disabling of the USS Cole and radical cells sprinkled across the globe operating against the United States, it is almost certain that they still would have deemed the costs acceptable.”

Context: Council on Foreign Relations scholar Rachel Bronson testifying before The September 11 Commission in 2003. Testimony available here.

Related to Brzezinski is this fascinating one minute video clip stolen from some documentary that I have seen several times. Thanks to Some BitsNPieces for posting about this clip.


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