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Scholarly Afghanistan Blogs

May 17, 2007.

Expert analysis on Afghanistan? From a blog? The answer is “Yes.” There are a few blogs out there that offer a high quality of analysis on Afghanistan and also have some sort of graduate diploma on the wall. And accordingly their analysis reflects a high level of scholarship.

Pic: “Have you perused my Afghanistan blog?”
Afghanistan professor

These blogs would be Péter Marton’s My State Failure Blog, Bonnie Boyd’s Central Asia Blog, Carl Robichaud’s Afghanistan Watch, Peter from Downunder’s The Strategist, and Civil-Military Relations. I’ve linked to their “Afghanistan” category where applicable.

My State Failure Blog, or MStFB, is described as a blog for scholars and students of International Relations and other social science disciplines. The author, Péter Marton, is a PhD student of International Relations at the Corvinus University of Budapest where his dissertation topic is state failure. Péter previously had led research at an influential Hungarian foreign policy think tank for a year on state failure. In particular, he has been following the Dutch ink blot strategy in Uruzgan.

Central Asia Blog, which is a Foreign Policy Association Great Decisions blog, is maintained by Bonnie Boyd who also edits and publishes a monthly e-newsletter, “The Pipeline,” on oil and political economy. She graduated from the Masters in Diplomacy Program at Norwich University with a concentration in Conflict Management. Her active interests include Former Soviet Union states, international energy markets, international security, and Persian Gulf states. She is a member of the American Political Science Association and the Development Executive Group.

Afghanistan Watch is Carl Robichaud’s long-standing blog. Carl Robichaud is a Program Officer at the Century Foundation, working primarily on national security issues and non-military approaches to fighting terrorism. He has worked on arms control and disarmament issues at the Global Security Institute. He is a 2004 graduate of Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School.

The Strategist is a very well-written blog by Peter, a former government official who also served as an infantry officer and worked as a geologist in Western Australia. He has a deep interest in the nexus between history, politics, conflict, energy and the environment. Peter has a master of arts degree in strategic studies from the Australian National University, a first class honours degree in history, and a bachelor of science degree in geology. He grew up in New Zealand and Malaysia. Business and private travel has taken him to Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, Australia and the South Pacific.

Civil-Military Relations is quite vague about authorship. But it does measure up to some level of scholarly quality.

Safrang and Registan also offer scholarly-worthy analysis, but really, do they need any help in attracting readers?


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