Posted by: Christian | June 29, 2007

Totally out of context quote #12

June 29, 2007.

“Who the bloody hell told you that?”

Context: The well-known journalist and author of Taliban, Ahmed Rashid, lets Barnett Rubin know that rumours of his death in Spain while celebrating his birthday have been greatly fabricated. He confirmed that he is alive and well and visiting Norway, a rather safe place. The rumour starters at The Far Eastern Economic Review defended themselves by stating that there are number of high profile “Ahmed Rashids:” 1) a best-selling author named Ahmed Rashid, 2) a former writer for The Far Eastern Economic Review, 3) a commmentator for the BBC, and 4) a blogger for the Washington Post. And perchance one of them died?

I checked out each one individually. They all sort of look and sound the same, in addition to having identical bios. But I understand if, as a journalist, you have a “scoop” and don’t have time to attempt a confirmation.   

If you want accurate information I suggest signing up for Dr. Rubin’s excellent listserv.


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