Posted by: Christian | July 9, 2007

Two New Academically Inclined Afghanistan Blogs

July 9, 2007.

The quality and frequency of blogging here at Afghanistanica will continue to suffer through August as I am being kept quite busy by my Farsi-Dari-Tajiki language learnification process. But help is on the way……elsewhere. Two new blogs related to Afghanistan have popped up recently.

The first is a group blog that includes Barnett Rubin (who reveals in his first post that he is technically not a professor, which is good because with all his work I’m sure the burden of undergrads would kill him). Anyways, the blog is Informed Comment on Global Affairs. Go check it out. But be warned that it includes topics other than Afghanistan. Here is Dr. Rubin’s first post.

The second blog is by a “historian in training” who seems to have a thing for Afghanistan. I also have a thing for Afghanistan so I understand. The blog is titled In Transit to Afghanistan.

That is all.


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