Posted by: Christian | July 21, 2007

Growing Old in the Hindu Kush

July 21, 2007.

From portrait field-photographer Jan Schlegel:

                                             Agolia, age 6.

                        Agolia age 6

                                        Masrana, age 13.

                        Masrana age 13

                                       Zarmeda, age 83.

                        Zarmeda age 83

These women are Kalash from the Pakistani side of the area known as Nuristan/Kafiristan (in a region of Chitral). One argument shows them as being unrelated to the Kalasha across the border in Afghanistan. They are apparently Dards, not Nuristanis as previously thought. Many have converted to Islam. But not the ones pictured above.

I would really like a print of Zarmeda. However, the photographer personally spends several hours on a single print, each of which is unique in subtle ways. The price is not listed. But I’m sure if you need to ask the price then you can’t afford it.


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