Posted by: Christian | July 26, 2007

Totally out of context quote #13

July 26, 2007.

“During my last trip to Afghanistan I’d met a guy in the hospital’s psychiatric ward who was concerned that he had no shadow. He proved to me, by means of excellent logic, that a man without a shadow cannot – and must not – live. He tried to commit suicide several times. I was reminded of this incident in Moscow when Zhenya Raevsky, an afghantsi [Afghan War veteran] and student at Moscow State University, shared with me his idea for a screenplay; his main characters were going to be Afghanistan veterans who’d returned home from the war. What makes them different from all other people, Raevsky told me, was that they had no shadows. Some hideous meaning was buried there, inaccessible to the sober mind.”

Context: Russian journalist Artyom Borovik ponders the meaning of shadows in The Hidden War, his book on the Soviet-Afghan War.

Pic (by a friend): A monument in Kygyzstan for Soviet veterans of the Afghan War, casting a shadow.

veteran monument


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