Posted by: Christian | August 8, 2007

Afghanistan and State Failure from a Majaristani Perspective

August 8, 2007.

I know, I know. Lately my attempts at serious analyses have been restricted to explaining Afghanistan through the lense of diet coke and post-modern art. Summer is bad for me. So why don’t you move along double-quick until you get to My State Failure Blog? It’s not mine, actually. It belongs to Péter Marton, a PhD student from Majaristan who specializes in state failure. The analysis on Afghanistan is excellent (a rare thing) and the blog is updated quite regularly with some great insights into counter-insurgency, opium cultivation, development, state-failure, etcetera… So yeah, check out (not) My State Failure Blog.

Seriously, a Hungarian scholar analyzing the Australian counter-insurgency approach in Uruzgan? That’s cool.


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