Posted by: Christian | August 13, 2007

Totally out of context quote #14

August 13, 2007.

Via Afghanwire:

When I visited Ghor province, a government official told me that a huge number of girls in the province were married by force. This means that they are sold. A while back, a girl was even sold in exchange for a horse. […] It is better than the incident that happened last year in Kunduz province: there, a girl was exchanged for a dog. This, however, is a horse.

Context: A horse is a horse of course…..unless it’s being traded for a human being. Then it’s just part of some horrible equation. And noted somewhat sarcastically (I think) by the above journalist of the newspaper Eqtedar-e Milli, it is better than being traded for a dog. But the dog was an expenive prize fighting dog and who knows the quality of the horse involved in the trade.

Anyways, there is a list of NGOs that focus on women and children at the bottom of this page. And you may find numerous books and articles focusing on the problems faced by women and children in Afghanistan in the bibliographies on this page.


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