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Afghanistan Experts, Researchers, etc…

August 20, 2007.

Is anybody missing from this list below? All people listed here are either scholars, researchers, experts, authors (in academic press), professors or students. Someone is trying to maintain an accurate list of links to Afghanistan researchers/experts/students over at The Afghanistan Analyst. If you know of someone who should be on the list or if you should be on the list then send a link to that person’s webpage from this Afghanistan Analyst page here.

Anyways, try browsing this list of links. There is some interesting stuff in here.

United States or Canada based:

Ludwig Adamec
Jon W Anderson
Thomas Barfield
Michael Barry
Robert L Canfield #1
Robert L Canfield #2
Fotini Christia
Robert Crews
David B Edwards
Vanda Felbab-Brown
Reuel Marc Gerecht
Thomas E Gouttierre
Shah M Hanifi
Marc Herold
Syed Akber Hyder
Ali Jalali
Sarah Lister
Senzil Nawid
Neamat Nojumi
Carl Robichaud
Barnett R Rubin #1
Barnett R Rubin #2
Mir H. Sadat
Mark Sedra #1
Mark Sedra #2
M Nazif Shahrani
Audrey Shalinsky
Abdulkader Sinno #1
Abdulkader Sinno #2
Richard Strand
Brian Glyn Williams

Europe, Asia or Australia based:

Gaït Archambeaud
Karin Ask
Ingeborg Baldauf
Kaja Borchgrevink
Pierre Centlivres
Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy
Gulshan Dietl
Armando Geller
Antonio Giustozzi
Antonio Giustozzi Bibliography
Rainer Glassner
Bernt Glatzer
Bernt Glatzer #2
Kristian Berg Harpviken
Schuyler Jones
Max Klimburg
Are John Knudsen
William Maley
Amalendu Misra
Alessandro Monsutti #1
Alessandro Monsutti #2
Joanna Nathan
Rasul Bakhsh Rais
Ahmed Rashid
Gabriele Rasuly-Paleczek
Carol Riphenburg
Olivier Roy #1
Olivier Roy #2
Thomas Ruttig
Lutz Rzehak
Amin Saikal
Conrad Schetter
Arne Strand #1
Arne Strand #2
Astri Suhrke
Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh
Richard Tapper
Amin Tarzi
Willem Vogelsang


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