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Whatever happened to that photographer blogger in Nuristan?

September 3, 2007.

I while back I found an excellent blog by a photographer who was embedded with American troops in Nuristan. The blog, by photographer John D McHugh, gave some insight into a place few people have even heard of. And his images showed a side of the war, geographically speaking, that has been little seen, such as in this photo below.


His early blog entries were about the cold and the challenges of warfare and humanitarian work in a wooded mountain environment. And they were quite well-written. But in mid-May his blog entries suddenly stopped. I was quite disappointed. What was his excuse?

Does he think he has the right to deprive us of information on Nuristan? Could he not find an internet connection at an American Forward Operating Base? Did he get lazy? Did he not care anymore? What was his excuse?

Well, he updated his blog this weekend and provided an excuse and an apology.

Pic: That exit wound on McHugh’s side is his “excuse.”

John D McHugh

According to McHugh, a 7.62 calibre round went “In through the ribs in my lower left chest, just under my heart, punctured my diaphragm, tore my colon, damaged my spleen, and exploded out my lower back, taking rather a large chunk of me with it.”

That is a good excuse. Luckily McHugh is recovering and his photos are selling quite well.

This photo below is an excellent example of his work.

Nuristan army

OK, that photo is too small to do it justice. To see the “escorts” in lead patrol in this photo go to this FHM (yes, FHM) sideshow of McHugh’s work. The shots are large format and really quite amazing. Newsweek has a similar slideshow online.

Anyways, McHugh’s blog is here, but you’ll have to search for his photos elsewhere.


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