Posted by: Christian | September 23, 2007

Totally out of context quote #18

September 24, 2007.

“It has been said that fences make for great neighbors. In Afghanistan, they have taken the concept a step further. Walls are as much a part of this culture as Islam and burqas. There are walls around homes. There are walls around villages. There are walls around entire towns and cities. […]

I also can’t help but think how big a role walls play in the mindset of Afghans. [But] All the walls have not kept out invaders. The barriers have not repelled violence. Poverty has not known any restrictions. Walls have not limited pain.

Walls are really a false sense of security for most Afghans. Real protection comes from a government that is strong enough to protect its people and give them the economic security necessary to provide for themselves. Real security comes from caring about and helping those who are on the other side of the wall, not in fearing them or worrying about their differences.

Afghans will find peace and freedom not in the walls without but with the hearts within.”

Context: Michael Tomberlin, a reporter for an The Birmingham News and a Major in the Alabama Army National Guard, discusses walls in Afghan culture on his blog. Major Tomberlin offers some other interesting commentary on Afghan culture from an Alabama perspective in two other blog posts worth reading; Things I’ve Learned and Smilers and Non-smilers.

Pic by Mike Tomberlin: Smiler and Non-Smiler.

Smiling Afghan


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