Posted by: Christian | September 25, 2007

Asien 104 is Afghanistantastic

September 26, 2007.

Bow down to Asien 104 in all its glory! These Germans are just giving away these pdf files for free! How unAmerican! And unBritish! Every article should be $25 at least! Academic publishing should generate revenue! I should lay off the exclamation marks!!
              The German Journal on Contemporary Asia

Benjamin Buchholz: Thoughts on Afghanistan’s Loya Jirga: A Myth?

Andreas Dittmann: Recent Developments in Kabul’s Shar-e-Naw and Central Bazaar Districts

Felicia Herrschaft: Democratic Articulations of Cultural Identity: The Arts in Afghanistan

Christine Issa and Sardar M. Kohistani: Kabul’s Urban Identity: An Overview on the Socio-Political Aspects of Development

Max Klimburg: The “Enclaved” Culture of Parun in Former Kafiristan

Katja Mielke and Conrad Schetter: “Where is the Village?” Local Perceptions and Development Approaches in Kunduz Province

Marcus Schadl: The Man Outside: The Problem with the External Perception of Afghanistan in Historical Sources

Irene Schneider: Recent Developments in Afghan Family Law: Research Aspects

Andreas Wilde: Imaginations of a Country. Spatial Perceptions and Mental Mapping in Herat

Ingeborg Baldauf: The Dayi ~ Kargil of Andkhoy: Language, History and Profession in Local Identity Discourses

Marije Braakman and Angela Schlenkoff: Between Two Worlds: Feelings of Belonging While in Exile and the Question of Return




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