Posted by: Christian | September 30, 2007

Totally out of context quote #19

October 1, 2007.

A few months ago I had written an article in Pashto about media progress in Afghanistan. A survey report of Reporters without Borders was quoted in the article but unfortunately the name of the organization was misprinted when the article published in a local newspaper. In Pashto the organization is called ‘Da Besarhada Zhornalistano Tolana.’ But it printed ‘Da Besara’ which means Reporters without Brains.

Context: Abdulhadi Hairan, writing in his blog here, points out a misprint in one of his published articles. He then goes onto to link to his article wherein he discusses warlord journalists.

As much as this was an innocent mistake, I’m sure we could all think of a few reporters without brains.

Reporters Without Borders? They’re cool.


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