Posted by: Christian | October 2, 2007

Cash Reward for Taliban and Friends

October 3, 2007.

The U.S. military has started a rewards program for information on select Taliban and vaguely associated rif-raf. It will consist of posting 200 billboards and 300,000 posters in certain areas. Here are some examples, which I hope are available in Pashto:

                Afghanistan wanted poster

WTF? Tahir Yuldashev? I wouldn’t give you even 200 Uzbekistani Som for this 2nd-rate Juma Namangani wannabe. He probably does the Jihadi cause more harm than good. Leave him be.

                Tahir Yuldashev

Will this program see any results? Critics will point to the long-standing massive rewards out for other AQ or Taliban leaders who remain at large. However, rural Afghans have informed on Taliban fighters in the past for no reward at all (usually based on a grievance). But the chance that Sarajuddin Haqqani will be waltzing around west of the Durand Line is rather unlikely.

If you are an Afghan and you want to make this kind of money, I suggest becoming a politician or drug baron. It’s easier and safer than informing on these guys.


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