Posted by: Christian | October 2, 2007

Random Photo Commentary #2

October 3, 2007.

Photo by James Nachtwey:

  Kabul graveyard

James Nachtwey’s description of this 1996 photo merely states that this woman is at the grave of her brother who was killed in a Taliban rocket attack.

Nachtwey has managed to do something remarkable here. He has found a way to strongly convey emotion in a photo of a woman wearing a burqa. As the burqa hides the face and most of the body, reading emotion can be next to impossible. Other “burqa” photos are almost dehumanizing: the representation of an anonymous, faceless uniformity and a seemingly emotionless nonentity.

But underneath is a human being. And under the most difficult circumstances for a photgrapher Nachtwey has shown that this is true.

And 11 years later…


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