Posted by: Christian | October 3, 2007

Lion of Panjshir

October 4, 2007.

Lion of Panjshir is brilliant.

They’re just like the original Lion of the Panjshir, except that: (a) they play psychedelic folk rock infused with Afghan elements and (b) they have not fought the Soviet Red Army.

The band is Ariana Delawari, Max Guirand and Paloma Udovic.

Lion of Panjshir

Visit their myspace page to listen to their music. “San Francisco” is an excellent track and if you don’t listen to their reinterpretation of “Cheshme siah daree” then you are a bad person. A bad person. Or at the very least you only read this website for conflict and security related issues.

Lyrics from “Cheshme siah daree”:

oh you hold a thousand years
the truth of what’s to come
so far but oh so simple
this could be the one
and i knew when i saw those faces
i would be the one to trace it
a map to gather all the tribes to live as one

I imagine Ariana’s dad (it’s who I though it might be) was able to summon up quite a formidable security detail for his girl and her friends while they were in Afghanistan.

So go to their myspace page and listen to “Cheshme siah daree” (and don’t complain to me about their transliteration).

No commentary on Massoud today. Maybe some other time.


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