Posted by: Christian | January 14, 2008

Ink Blot Counterinsurgency and Civil-Military Relations: State Building or Crisis Management?

January 14, 2008.

Péter Marton and Péter Wagner have written a policy paper (pdf) about the ongoing counterinsurgency and state-building efforts in Afghanistan. As case studies they have used the Dutch efforts in Uruzgan and the Hungarian Provincial Reconstruction Team in Baghlan.

After downloading and reading the paper I reached the conclusion that probably all men from Hungary are named Péter.

Pic: “Hi! We are Péter. Have you read our policy paper?”

Hungarian CowboyHungarian Cowboy

It is possible to find analysis on Afghanistan all over the place. However, most of that analysis is at the macro-level and very rarely goes into details such as this policy paper does. What Péters have provided are two valuable case studies that help to better understand what is happening on the ground. Having access to an analysis of localized problems can then help to better understand the issue at the macro-level.

Download the policy paper in pdf.

Visit one of the Péter’s blog (and if you can read Hungarian you can visit the other Péter’s blog).


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