Posted by: Christian | February 25, 2008

New Afghanistan Bibliography Download

[Update: Download the 2009 edition here.]

February 26, 2008.

It’s the moment you may or may not have been anxiously waiting for: the release of the new up-to-date Afghanistan Bibliography. Download the pdf here:

Here’s a sneak peak at the table of contents, minus the page numbers:

1. Ethnic Groups.

2. Conflict and Mobilization: War, Ethnicity, Jihad, Government, Factions, “Warlords,” Etc.

3. Islam, Political Islam, Jihad, Sects.

4. The International Community, Reconstruction, Security, Economy, Government, Conflict, and Development.

5. Opium cultivation, drug use and trafficking.

6. Environmental, Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources.

7. Human rights violations.

8. Women, Gender and Family.

9. Civil-Military Relations, Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs), Counterinsurgency and Military Issues.

10. Refugees, Internal Displacement, Migration and Diaspora Issues.

11. Macro and Micro Economics.

12. Opinion Polls, Interviews, Study Groups and Surveys.

That’s it. Click here for the download.


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