Posted by: Christian | March 2, 2008

Afghans Defeat Wahhabism By Worshipping Wahhabis

March 3, 2008.

You may have heard that some small number of Afghans are worshipping at a cemetery in Kandahar where Arab Al Qaeda fighters are buried. Or not perhaps “worshipping” them, but asking them for some divine intervention for healing purposes. Check out this Al-Jazeera English news report:

This may seem like some sort of “victory in death” for the Arabs buried in this cemetery. But it is actually a defeat of their ideas. The Wahhabi strand of Islam that these particular Arab Muwahiddun adhered to would abhor the practises that these Afghans have brought to this cemetery. Wahhabism wants to purge Islam of shrines, saints, grave visits and any practise that is likely pre-Islamic or resulting from an fusion of Islam with local pagan practices.

Pic: For example, the Sufi Muslim shrine of Duzgunbaba in Turkey. It was formerly a “sacred place of the Hurrian/Hittite storm god Teshub” before the arrival of Islam.

Sufi Shrine

You may recall anecdotes of Arab fighters actually destroying Afghan cemeteries because of the decorations and non-austere headstones. The locals responded with a vengeance.

Local culture can often be a difficult thing to change. Especially if you want to replace it with some no-fun brand of Islam from Saudi Arabia.


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