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Afghan Communism: Made in America

March 6, 2008.

All those Afghan communists were educated in the Soviet Union, right? Nope. Wrong answer. Actually, many of them were indoctrinated in the United States. Louis Dupree noted back in 1979 that, of the 14 civilians in the first Afghan communist government cabinet, exactly zero had been educated in the Soviet Union. Where were they educated? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Egypt: 2
  • Western Europe: 2
  • Afghanistan: 4
  • United States: 10

Martin Ewans wondered aloud whether the policies of these cabinet members would have been different if they “had the privilege of an education at Lumumba University in the USSR” (Source: Martin Ewans, Afghanistan: A Short History of its People and Politics. 2001: 188)

American Communist flag

Outside of the cabinet, in the highest office in the land we have, for a time, the enthusiastic communist Hafizullah Amin. Amin earned his MA at Columbia University, dropped out of a PhD program there and then later earned a spot on a list of “Columbia’s 10 worst Alumni.” His short reign of stupidity and brutality was put to an end by members of the KBG’s Alpha Group, who whacked him two days after Christmas 1979.

Afghan communist

I tell you, the good old days of militant leftists marching on campus and waving the hammer and sickle is long gone. I only met one crazy leftist in my undergrad and MA phase, and that person was harmless. Of course, there are still crazy people on campus of various persuasions.

Anyways, back to my analysisizing. Communists who were educated in the Soviet Union were, after a certain date, given pragmatic views on how to develop a socialist paradise. The Afghan communists, deprived of that education, tried to create a paradise on some insane time scale, going against what the Soviets advised. The Soviets cautioned against repeating the mistakes they had made and cautioned that Afghanistan was not ready for many communist initiatives. The Afghan communists ignored this advice and went on the alienate/enrage as much of the country as they possibly could.

Pic: In Amin’s defense, he may have joined the communist party just for the parties. Sort of like joining a frat house.

Communist party

You gotta love that American “can-do” spirit that was instilled into these Afghan communists.

The problem with graduates of American universities is that, from my experience, they are both some of the smartest and dumbest (sometimes at the same time) people you will ever meet. And more than a few of them have no real life experience and are ready to buy into some soon-to-fail spectacularly (or already failed) ideology of the left or right, or of elsewhere. And, fortunately and/or unfortunately, the graduates these days are generally more into apathy than ideology.

PhD students? The are, without a doubt, the finest embodiment of reason, logic, sage advice and wise leadership. ;)


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