Posted by: Christian | March 19, 2008

Quote of the Week

For the first “quote of the week” I will go to my favorite milblog: Bill and Bob’s Excellent Afghan Adventure. The blog, written by an anonymous ETT (embedded tactical trainer) who works with the Afghan National Police (ANP) in an unnamed valley, provides an amazing read. I’m no expert on the US military, nor am I a fan of most military blogs, but Afghan Adventure just reads so well, even for an “outsider” such as myself. Here’s the quote, concerning those certain American soldiers who express hatred for the locals:

So, when you meet the guy who hates Afghans, know that he never got it. You may give him an opportunity to explain, perhaps, that he is tired of Afghans… they require a lot of effort to understand and sometimes to tolerate the things they do that will never make sense to us. Sometimes being tired of them will be stated as hate, but it is not the same. If he still insists that it is hatred, then welcome him home and pray that he is never again sent forth as an American counterinsurgent. We do not need him.

And a bonus quote from the same blog entry:

We are not winning because we are master counterinsurgents. Our line units are apparently completely untrained in counterinsurgency. We’ve got some young soldiers who were sent here to train ANP on soldier skills who not only are untrained in counterinsurgency, but who don’t want to hear it, either. We are doing a terrible job of evangelizing counterinsurgency doctrine…

Read the entire lengthy blog entry here.


  1. I’m glad to see others who think Bill and Bob actually knows of which he speaks. Just maybe, someone will listen.

    Thanks so much.


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