Posted by: Christian | April 1, 2008

April Photo Header

For this month’s photo header I’ve used a photo by Balazs Gardi, a Hungarian freelancer. The soldier in the pic is not named, nor is the location. But I’m quite sure it’s Kunar Province. The photo is part of an exhibit on Iraq and Afghanistan titled Battlespace (h/t: Abu Muqawama). The exhibit is not a happy place and is quite graphic in showing the realities of war. For example, the photo below by Moises Saman. In it an Afghan National Army soldier kneels next to the body of his friend who was killed in a roll-over. Many of the other photos are far worse.

Afghan National Army soldier


  1. yikes…..

  2. Balázs Gárdi came away with the first prize in the General News category from the World Press Photo 2008 so he doesn’t have much of a reason to complain.
    But I find it a bit odd now that he has a picture up there at Battlespace which is quite similar to the one that was elected Photo of the Year (Gárdi’s photo is titled “American soldier collapses of exhaustion, Kunar province, Korengal Valley”). Both pictures were taken in the Korengal Valley (just like the one which won Gárdi the prize at WPP ’08 also)
    The only difference between the two similar ones – Gárdi’s and Tim Hetherington’s from the Vanity Fair, which became the photo of the year – is that Gárdi’s wasn’t made at a FOB but on a patrol and is better in my view…
    But this is all subjective inevitably, and I was pretty satisfied with the Vanity Fair report from the Korengal, so I won’t say their team didn’t deserve whatever they got.

  3. That is the World Press Photo 2007 that I meant, of course.
    Spreading some useful information now, after this piece of misinformed disinformation, here’s the link to WPP ’07 and the winner photos:


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