Posted by: Christian | April 1, 2008

Quote of the week #3

Mohammad Najibullah, the Communist/post-Communist President of Afghanistan, makes the case for the United States to make common cause with him against the mujahideen:

“If fundamentalism comes to Afghanistan, war will continue for many more years. Afghanistan will turn into a center of world smuggling for narcotic drugs. Afghanistan will be turned into a center for terrorism.”

President Najib(ullah) spoke these words to a New York Times reporter in early March 1992. That’s him below with Lenin on the wall. One month later he resigned and took refuge in the United Nations compound in Kabul.


Four and a half years later the Taliban captured Kabul. Najibullah was dragged out of the UN compound and tortured then hanged along with his brother.

One version of the torture/killing goes that the procedure was carried out by very enthusiastic former members of the Khalq faction of the Afghan Communist Party who were now fighting alongside the Taliban. Najibullah had been a member of the more “moderate” Parcham faction.


  1. heeh hoooo
    it is soo scaryyyy
    fuck talibannn
    dr. najib was the best president ever saya alll people
    i going to afghansitan and took my frinds and killlll all talibann


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