Posted by: Christian | April 15, 2008

Asadabad Spetsnaz

I came across this photo of the Soviet Spetsnaz HQ in Asadabad, Kunar.

It looks as though the building may have been shot at just a few times.

And this photo is of mujahideen captured by the Soviets.

And some razvedchiks (scouts) on patrol near Asadabad.

The Soviets handed the mujahideen massive casualties time and time again. But apparently it takes more than inflicting casualties.

You can find more pics and articles at, a Soviet veterans website.


  1. I spent a couple of nights in asadabad and that building looks like one that is in the current Army compound — very interesting

  2. “But apparently it takes more than inflicting casualties.”

    This is one of the tertiary points Les Grau makes in The Bear Went Over the Mountain. Despite their reputation in the West, the Soviet Army actually had a lot of experience fighting urban insurgencies and crushing them, and even in the Afghan war, despite several initial setbacks and abysmal management, they proved adaptable and highly capable on the battlefield. The failures of the war, as Grau and most scholars note, were political and not military.

    Which again makes me scratch my head at the American obsession with military victory. That is almost a non-issue if security matters only as much as the government does.

  3. Somehow the ‘noble’ deeds of the mujahideen noblemen and then the even more Taliban and reading all about the proxy wars has made me evermore unsure about the rights and wrongs of the Soviet-Mujahideen war.

  4. Ironically, the current phase of the fight for Afghanistan is heading in the same direction and the same confusion for me

  5. Funny thing, the building in the top picture is still being used. haha Its just not a HQ but a temporary housing area


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