Posted by: Christian | May 10, 2008

Hekmatyar Speaks, Haqqani Acts

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of what is left on the insurgent side of Hizb-i Islami Hekmatyar (many Hizbis defected to the Karzai government), does an “interview” for CBS. But not really. It’s just an address by Hekmatyar. You got three minutes to waste? Gulbuddin has those three minutes for you:

That was some rather boring, unoriginal and not very insightful posturing. The rumored to be dead Jalaluddin Haqqani recently rose from the grave (looking like crap) to narrate the video of a Haqqani & Son super-massive suicide truck bombing of an ANA post that killed two Americans. Hekmatyar, on the other hand,….. well, never mind. It’s not even worth my time.

The only thing worth noting is the international tone of his monologue. He sounds like he’s speaking mostly to a foreign audience. But like I said; posturing. Strong and persistent rumor has it that he is negotiating with the Karzai government (and a weaker and less persistent rumor had it that his “people” gave some assistance to the non-Hizbis who attacked the Karzai parade). And what will change if he reaches an agreement? I would like to say very little will, but I don’t have access to the info that the Afghan intel guys and the US Army have. Will his commanders (number?) on the ground just look elsewhere for goodies if Hekmatyar quits the game? So without knowing exactly what’s going on in Hekmatyar’s hideout in Pakistan and in Kunar, Nuristan, etc.. I will just say that I will trade you seven Hekmatyars for one Sirajuddin Haqqani.

So that’s $200,000 divided by seven. You do the math.

I do like the small print though: “You may be…” and “Up to.” I wonder what the Pashto version reads? “Inshallah, you may might possibly get some money.”

Also please do not attempt to turn in Los Angeles morning radio show host Adam Corolla and claim that he is Siraj Haqqani. Seriously, do a quick comparison of the two.

Anyways, here’s a report with excerpts of the Haqqani video that show a grinning German Turk going of to martyrdom :

And more complete story is here.

OK, no more Bill Roggio imitations from me. I promise more pseudo-anthropology and less speculation on jihadi chicanery.


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  2. It shows he is still alive. Thats a huge moraleboost for his boys in Kabul and various other places. “The old man is alive and well!” Hekmatyar is the oldest dog in the circus…


    Secret talks with Taliban under way

    The talks, between Taliban-linked mediators, Western officials and the Afghan government, are believed to involve a proposal for the return to Afghanistan of Gulbaldin Hekmatyar, the country’s former prime minister, who has been in hiding for seven years.

    Hekmatyar, the leader of the Hezb-i-Islami forces fighting alongside the Taliban and labelled a “terrorist organisation” by the United States, would be allowed to return to Afghanistan with immunity from prosecution, according to information revealed to Al Jazeera.

    Hekmatyar, who is believed to be in the northwest tribal region of Pakistan, would first be offered asylum in Saudi Arabia, under the proposal being backed by the British government.


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