Posted by: Christian | July 10, 2008

American Madrassa Victims

“This world wasn’t made so that we could enjoy life, it was made so that we could obey God.”

This is unbelievable. Imran Raza’s documentary “Karachi Kids”, based on the trailer, seems like an amazing documentary, but both depressing and frightening. Actually, it’s believable and that’s what’s scary: American kids sent by their parents fathers to a madrassa in Pakistan for an indoctrination. First they hate the madrassa and want to go back to America, then they admit they are becoming robots and then finally they have nothing but hate to express.

These kids are victims. Not just the American kids but also the kids of all nationalities whose minds are destroyed in these types of madrassas (there are madrassas that are nothing like this one featured). The bozo who runs this madrassa doesn’t seem to have much of an appreciation for the strong history of science and literature in Islamic civilization. If anything, he’s weakening Islam.

You can find out more about the documentary and these kids at There is some frightening information there (more so than the usual amount of frightening that the process of radicalization in parts of Pakistan engenders). 100 “graduates” of a pro-Taliban madrassa have gone back to America? Hopefully they have been deprogrammed and lead normal lives.

And hopefully someday all of these children will receive an education that includes reading, writing, math, science and no hate.

Read the Karachi Kids blog for regular updates.


  1. An amazing review and it seems like an amazing film. Thank you

  2. I just hope that this will not be used as a mediastunt for the islamophobes. The blog paints a very concerned and adult position, but I would still recomend watching Jesus Camp by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady to show that mindwashing of children is not a muslim-only phenomena…


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