Posted by: Christian | October 1, 2008

October Photo Header

This is pretty self-explanatory. Here is the original photo:

The photo was taken by Doctor Z and is part of this set on flickr.

It may seem like an odd thing to take a photo of a page in a book, but I can sympathize. I just recently took hundreds of photos of an old dissertation on Afghanistan. It didn’t want to lay flat without its binding coming apart and my university doesn’t have a delicate manuscripts scanner/photo copier. There are only three libraries in the world that have the dissertation and only one is in the mood to lend it. Luckily that library is right here in Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Evans-von Krbek, Jeffrey H.P. 1977. The Social Structure and Organization of a Pakhto Speaking Community in Afghanistan. PhD Dissertation, University of Durham.

It’s about Safi Pakhtuns (Pashtuns) in Kapisa. Old school anthropology; should be good.

What’s notable is that this source is pretty much unavailable. There are many good sources on Afghanistan that are unavailable to the general public and for academics require some serious effort to obtain, if one even knows about their existence.


  1. Hi Christian

    I had no idea you were in Australia. Let alone Canberra.

    For a military academy ADFA has some surprisingly liberal staff – during the times I’ve visited anyway.


  2. Thanks!

  3. Do you have any possibility of making the photos public?


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