Posted by: Christian | October 15, 2008

“Controlled Warlordism”

Thanks to Sir Max Hastings and his ramblings on Afghanistan we have a new oxymoron:

The highest aspiration must be for controlled warlordism, not conventional democracy. A civil war may prove an essential preliminary before some crude equilibrium between factions can be achieved. If this sounds a wretched prognosis, it is hard to find informed westerners with higher expectations.

So there is some legion of informed westerners advocating the need for yet another civil war and then some neo-warlordism to sort out the Afghans? Ignorant 19th century British tabloid trash redux. Somewhat reminiscent of the drunk ramblings from the table at the back of the officers’ club, somewhere in Burma.

Whole article, which doesn’t really dive until the end, @ The Guardian.


  1. Welcome to my running headache over most pundit coverage of the country.

  2. I’m curious what you think of this, then:


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