Posted by: Christian | December 12, 2008

Massoud’s Assassin’s Widow

How long are you allowed to incite murder for before the Belgians will arrest you?

Seven years would be the answer. Although I must admit that is sort of inaccurate. Malika El Aroud was detained briefly in 2005 and was just arrested in Belgium for planning an attack on the upcoming EU summit, not for inciting violence on the internet, which is her regular occupation.

But that’s not really my interest. Euro-coddling of online jihadis and the European home-grown terror plots are not my focus. Nor are the jihadis that Malika El Aroud encouraged to travel to Afghanistan my focus. For me this is sort of a book-end on an important event in the history of Afghanistan: the assassination of Ahmed Shah Massoud. On September 9, 2001 her husband, Dahmane Abd al-Sattar, killed Massoud in a suicide bombing.

Luckily for Malika, she is somewhat of an all-star among violent Islamists and she was able to quickly find a new husband (who managed to avoid “martyring” himself for the cause).


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