Posted by: Christian | January 9, 2009

The Afghanistan Analyst Stats

As some of you may know, I manage The Afghanistan Analyst, a research portal for studying and researching Afghanistan. I took a look at the site statistics for 2008 and thought I would share the results. I don’t know how accurate they are, it’s just what Office Live tells me:

Total unique visitors: 35,320

Total page views: 71,145

Top referrer: Google (by a factor of 5x)

Top pages:

Now, those stats may be modest by internet traffic standards, but consider the subject matter and that fact that its not the type of website that needs to be visited on a daily or weekly basis (like a news website  or a blog). I also like to think that the quality of the visitors counts for a lot (of course If I had more visitors I would probably stress the large numbers instead). Furthermore, its not the type of website that requires repeat visits. The website points out a resource, the visitor goes to that resource and, if they find it useful, they will bookmark it and not need to come back to The Afghanistan Analyst. But you should occasionally revisit the website as I am constantly adding new resources and links.

Speaking of new resources, I’m working on the 4th edition of the bibliography which should be out in about 6 weeks (or more). There will be many new books, reports and academic articles from 2008, as well as overlooked resources from the previous century. And as usual, I take suggestions for inclusions for new books (that fits within the categories I outline in the bibliography) and anything peer-reviewed, as well as some of the better research reports from outside of academia.

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