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The Future of Afghanistan

Free “book!”

The Future of Afghanistan, edited by J. Alexander Thier. United States Institute of Peace, 2009. Download PDF (8 MB).


  1. ‘Introduction: Building Bridges’  by J Alexander Thier.
  2. ‘The Transformation of the Afghan State’  by Barnett R. Rubin.
  3. ‘The Future of Security Institutions’  by Ali A. Jalali.
  4. ‘The Long Democratic Transition’ by Grant Kippen.
  5. ‘The Politics of Mass Media’ by Amin Tarzi.
  6. ‘A Human Rights Awakening?’ by Nader Nadery.
  7. ‘The Arrested Development of Afghan Women’ by Sippi Azarbaijani-Moghaddam.
  8. ‘Culture and Contest’ by Jolyon Leslie.
  9. ‘Afghanistan and Its Region’ by William Maley.
  10. ‘The Intertwined Destinies of Afghanistan and Pakistan’ by Marvin G. Weinbaum and Haseeb Humayoon.

Well, there are some smart and/or influential people in there. Definitely worth reading. Click the image to download.

The Future of Afghanistan

The Future of Afghanistan


  1. Looks like fun reading for long flights. I’m curious, though: considering some of those people were responsible for the creation of the current Afghan State (either as primary personalities at the Bonn Conference or as high-ranking officials later on), do any of them take responsibility for, in a sense, being a part of the problem in the first place? If so, then great — I’m all about people seeing what went wrong and working to make it right.

    But if not… well, I don’t much care for those who advocate something, get it, then blame others for it going wrong.

  2. what do u expect the future to be.after the financing of thugs and criminals fighting for dollars started on initiative of brezinski a pol;e whop hated the russians with USA led by a naieve peanut farmer president who called shah of iran a good man and sent US training teams to train death squads in salvador and guatemala…..afghanistan has a tunultous future…because the USA and Saudia Arabia and Pakistans tunpot dictators financed hirelings to destabilise the de fact leftist regime of afghanistan from 1978(an year and half before the Red Army came) till 1992


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