Posted by: Christian | January 14, 2009

Fick/Nagl on Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan

Nathaniel Fick and John Nagl have written an article on counterinsurgency in the newest edition of Foreign Policy. The article, titled “Counterinsurgency Field Manual: Afghanistan Edition” , is quite straight forward and I agree with most of the points. But I have attempted to muddy it up in regards to certain points that I have reservations about.

You can read my response at the Complex Terrain Laboratory.


  1. this was a rather naieve article , typically myopic articles written in USA

  2. If you have some time for light reading, I suggest John Master’s “Bugles and a Tiger”, his autobiography covering his time as a junior officer with the 4th Gurkhas on the NW Frontier, in the years before WW II. It’s a very entertaining read but also gives a sense of how some things have changed and some haven’t.


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