Posted by: Christian | January 17, 2009

Afghanistan Panel, Toronto 2009

From the CESS listserv, an announcement by Noah Tucker for a panel on Afghanistan:

Central Eurasian Studies Society conference 2009 (University of Toronto)
Panel proposal: Post-2001 Afghanistan

Several colleagues and I would like to put together a panel proposal for presentations focusing on post-2001 Afghanistan. We are hoping to generate more interest in Afghanistan in the CESS community and create an opportunity to network with other scholars and professionals interested in the country and its peoples. The exact title and focus of the panel will of course depend on the papers that are finally submitted (assuming that the panel gets chosen), but we’re hoping to pull together presentations on a variety of topics and issues (religion, development, the state of scholarship, international engagement, social organization, culture, etc.) limited basically only by a post-2001 focus.

We need one or two more papers to complete our proposal and would also very much welcome anyone interested in participating as the chair or discussant. The deadline for panel proposals is February 1, so please contact me right away if you might be interested.


Noah Tucker

The conference will be held October 8-11 of this year at the University of Toronto. More info on the CESS website.

The University of Toronto:



  1. interesting

  2. Yes, I will be interested to send you my paper abstract on ‘ Present Afghan Rule and Pakistan: Causes and Effects post 2001’.

  3. Prof. Raza,

    Please send your abstract to Noah Tucker’s email for more information.



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