Posted by: Christian | February 25, 2009

Two Years of Afghanistan Blogging

Two years ago today I wrote my first blog entry. I chose to write my first entry about the history of mob violence in Afghanistan and its relevance to a recent riot in Kabul. At the time I was pretty frustrated about the lack of attention Afghanistan was receiving, not just for parochial and emotional attachment issues, but because Afghanistan was clearly and undeniably  “sliding” in a rather bad way, yet was mostly ignored. That was, I believe, a fairly common feeling not just for those in-country, but for outside Afghanistan-watchers as well. In 2006 I started the Afghanistan Analyst as a research resource, but that is clearly not a venue for personal viewpoints, hence the blogging.

For those of you who have been reading since the beginning at this location and are wondering about my recently expanded archives and why I am claiming two years of blogging, it is because my writing was initially at Afghanistanica. I have transferred all of my archives to this location. My earlier writing was anonymous until I felt it was not really necessary (basically, choosing between “anonymous online coward” and “shameless self-promoter”).

So, anyways, these are the ten eleven articles, in no particular order, that I think are my best work:


  1. And a thank you for the blog and AA…both are great resources, and your comments and thoughts here and on CTLab have been informative and thought provoking (as has the subsequent debates).

    And oh yes, the “discovery” of Afghanistan continues… but I have to say there is nothing with “shameless online cowardice”!

  2. There should be a “wrong” between “nothing” and “with”…long week.

  3. Well I never. I was in Kunar today looking at lots of orchards and nurseries. Back in Jal, and followed the link to timberlords having spent much time talking about deforestation, whereupon I read (an excellent article, of course) a quote from someone else I’ve been talking to today.

    (If that makes no sense well I’m in a rush)

    And yes, thank you for the blog and the AA!

  4. Salam Christian,
    My name is Shaharzad Akbar and I am an Afghan student studying in Smith College in USA. I am an Anthro major and am doing my thesis on politics of ethnicity.. your works and the resources you have introduced are very helpful.. just wanted to thank.. keep up the good work.

  5. Congratulations!

    And you should know that your work has proven to be a valuable resource for those of us who’ve deployed to Afghanistan. IMO, the US Government should give you a grant.


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