Posted by: Christian | March 1, 2009

NGOs and the Taliban

Are some unnamed NGOs (non-governmental organizations that deliver humanitarian aid and development services) directly or indirectly supporting the insurgency? Are they empowering insurgents – who attack not only NATO troops, the Afghan government, Afghan civilians, but fellow aid workers – in return for their own safety?

I have written about the issue at the Complex Terrain Lab. Click here for article.

I include an analysis of the Taliban’s (i.e., the Quetta Shura) seemingly contradictory rules regarding interaction with NGO workers, plus some back ground on civil-military relations and the politicization/militarization of aid in Afghanistan.

Photo via: the coffins of three slain aid workers testify to the fact that the International Rescue Committee, like I assume the vast majority of NGOs, was definitely not involved in this sort of activity.

My article can be read here.


  1. Maybe, it’s true. A friend always says, “TIA”–This is Afghanistan! Which means everything is possible. This country must definitely be the end of the world!


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