Posted by: Christian | April 9, 2009

Latest Conflict “Metrics” from Afghanistan

It’s really nice to see an organization making their data open source. ANSO has consistently passed on their data, instead of hiding it away like the government or hoarding it like certain NGOs are doing to protect their  “proprietary information” (i.e., “pay us for the goods”). Probably something to do with the Norwegian/Swiss/EU funding and the Welthungerhilfe operation. And h/t to Barnett Rubin’s listserv for disseminating it.

ANSO Quarterly Data Report, Q.1 2009.

You can download it here.

There is some talk of what “metrics” should be used to measure security and success/failure. NGO safety surely must be one. But it’s not just about NGO safety. There is lots of info on civilian casualties, insurgents attacks and criminal activity inside the document. Nice pretty pie charts and graphs. The document won’t let me easily grab them so no preview here.


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  3. I remember that Abu Muqawama was on Rachel Maddows a little while ago and he said that how many different kinds of fruit there were in the Afghan market was a good sign of progress–not all those numbers.

    I guess there are points on both sides.

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