Posted by: Christian | April 15, 2009

(I am not) The Afghanistan Analysts Network

As many of you know, I have maintained an online research portal and guide since 2006 called The Afghanistan Analyst. It has no institutional affiliation and I don’t get paid nor financially supported, nor do I take direction from anyone (I do welcome suggestions for content). It is a website and nothing else. There is no organization behind it. So yeah, aren’t I awesome? I’ll get to my point in a second…

Someone said to me the other day “I hear you are based in Kabul now and started a think tank?”

Uh, no… WTF?

I was pointed to a new Kabul-based think tank called “Afghanistan Analysts Network.” I checked it out out with a google search and found out that it is run by Martine van Bijlert and Thomas Ruttig, both solid analysts who have forthcoming chapters in Decoding the New Taliban.

Similar name? Yes. Organizational affiliation? No. I have nothing to do with this Kabul-based think tank and my research portal is, and will remain, independent. And I do not work for anybody. I just want to make that clear as the similar names may lead to some confusion.

-Christian Bleuer

Canberra, Australia


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