Posted by: Christian | April 24, 2009

“Future Prospects in Afghanistan and the Region”

That’s the title of an unadvertised sorta-secret conference that just happened yesterday. You weren’t invited. But hey, neither was I. However, I did get my hands on a flier last week. The event had a lot of heavyweights: Holbrooke, Barnett Rubin, Michael Ignatieff (he’s big in Canada), Claire Lockhart, Amin Tarzi, Michael Semple, Alexander Thier, Rory Stewart, David Mansfield and some other names that you may not recognize, but who are influential or pretty smart. It was sponsored by the Carr Center at Harvard, USIP, CIC at NYU and the Asia Society.

I’ve uploaded a PDF of the draft program. Download here.

What was said? None of your business…”Conference Proceedings Off the Record.”


  1. Maybe if you WERE the Afghanistan Analyst’s
    Network, you could have been there!!!

  2. Bart, you’re a jerk.

  3. Mike, I think you took the comment far more seriously than it was intended (yeah, in hindsight I probably wouldn’t have posted it – its something I would email Christian or potentially say to him over a beer. Either way, it wasn’t a serious remark (more highlighting the irony between his previous post and the nature of this one) and NOT a reflection of either him or those affiliated Afghanistan Analyst’s Network. If I try and justify this any more I will be hijacking his blog into an argument of why light-hearted jibes and irony are okay. So apologies if anyone took it the wrong way…

  4. No the repsonse was hilarious. Seriously Christian get your act together and find out whats going on there


    the pdf is pretty hilarious actually. like it seems like some joke from the best kafka story yet to be written…. the public (?) agenda for a meeting off the record…..hahaha

  5. well, the future prospects in the region ARE top secret, so the conference should also be…

  6. Oh brother. I didn’t mean the jerk bit as seriously as you took it. My powers of expression obviously failed me. I blame it on being grouchy about being excluded from the super secret conference. So sue me. Jerk. :)


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