Posted by: Christian | May 13, 2009

Robot War Dog to Deploy to Afghanistan

Sag-i Jang! (h/t War is Boring)

So the military is  deploying this thing to Afghanistan:

Kevin Knodell wonders why mules aren’t a better option. I say because they are not as cool.

ShadowSpear says some stuff and some other things.

And here’s another picture:

Teach the thing to speak Pashto and it might actually be useful at this point. Or perhaps mount anthropologists on it like cowboys? Or the district sub-governor? Governance by robot! Really, could it be any worse?

As for what noises it does make, I say somewhere between a 50cc mini in the wrong gear and a chainsaw just as it sucks fumes on empty. The Taliban should be able to hear it from Quetta:

I know, I know. It’s just for transport.

Update: Danger Room says the dog is going to Thailand for exercises, not Afghanistan.


  1. I saw this on the news for about ten seconds and the sound made me feel physically ill, and then there’s all the “uncanny valley” creepiness. Psy-Ops?

  2. I had the uncanny valley feeling as well. I wonder what the average 12 year old goat herder will think?

  3. Three letters “MIC”!!!!!!!! They actually have really good dogs in Afghanistan.

  4. How would the robot hold up in a dog fighting tournament? I’m envisioning a match not unlike Kasparov versus Deep Blue… but more awesome.

  5. It is definitely going to revolutionize the Kandahari dog fighting scene until it runs out of battery.


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