Posted by: Christian | June 5, 2009

9 Day Break

OK, break starts now. I just wanted to post one last thing. I just make a quick stop in Vancouver and met Brian Platt and a few other great guys (like Tylere Couture) who are all involved in the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee.

Getting to talk to guys who served with the Canadian army in Kandahar was quite interesting, and they had all sorts of anecdotes and opinions that social scientists find to be absolute gold. The fact that they still want to be involved with Afghanistan-related issues is all sorts of good. And to top it off, Vancouver had the best weather I have ever experienced here.

Links to the Committee’s sites:


  1. Christian: You might like to take a look at “The Torch“, a Canadian militry blog to which I contribute–lots of material on Afstan:

    Tyler and I have been in touch fairly often by e-mail.


  2. Another useful site: “Flit”, by a Canadian Army reservist just returned from Afstan where he served as a trainer for Afghans:

    A couple of posts:


  3. You might also like to look at “The Torch”, a Canadian military blog to which I contribute and which has a lot on Afstan:

    I’ve been in fairly frequent touch with Tylere Couture by e-mail.


  4. Hi Mark,
    There’s a link to Bruce (flit) in the blogroll of the right. And I’m a long-time reader of The Torch. I’ve been linking there for about two years.


  5. Your buddy Gul Agha Sherzai got his own little expose….

    After it’s aired (24hrs from this timestamp) you’ll be able to find the online video and transcript here…

  6. Thanks for the links.

    I’ll take the “buddy” comment as irony.


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