Posted by: Christian | October 16, 2009

Fieldwork Photos

In between asking snoopy questions I managed to take a few pictures. These are all from the city of Qurghonteppa, Tajikistan (It’s great here. Everybody here has been real good to me). BTW, the new photo header above of a mounted Ismoil Somoni is also from Qurghonteppa (AKA Kurgan-Tyube).

First up, the statue of Vladimir Lenin. It was vandalized and the attempted repair didn’t go well, so the mosquito net is a temporary solution.

Next up is my favorite mural in town. The trees obscure the Soviet symbol in her right hand.

And in the middle of the city are two canals that bring water from the Vakhsh River. Always nice for a swim or rug cleaning.

And finally, my neighborhood. This is a statue of the historian Bobojon Ghafurov, better know in the literature as the russified B. Gafurov. I snapped up a Tajiki language copy of his book, Tojikon. But you can find some of his stuff in English.

There is set of 33 pictures of mine from Qurghonteppa. Check them out, including the hidden Soviet symbol, on flickr.


  1. A light snack

    Oy vey.

    Been practicing this: Man bisyor ser shudam, rahmat, bisyor huroki bomazza!


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