Posted by: Christian | November 8, 2009

I Will Kill 10 People For Every IED I Find

And I was just complaining about militias. Here, for fairness’ sake, is the ANP:

Just another day with the Afghan National Police.

Context, at the Guardian:

Guardian photographer Sean Smith documents the methods used by Afghan National police in the arrest and questioning of a group of Pashtuns after an insurgent bomb went off in Paktia province, Afghanistan. The incident was filmed while Smith’s was embedded with Nato forces in June 2009


  1. Is this intimidation more or less effective than the Taliban’s?

  2. I think these guys lean more towards robbery, harassment and assault than killing. The Taliban actually follow through with the killing.

  3. “Turn your face to Karbala, if we shoot you, you’ll become a martyr”

    Does this mean that police are Shia (Hazara) and this is sectarian taunt?

    People they are interrogating are Pashtun, so very probably they’re also Sunnis.

    I’ve read about earlier about completely Hazara ANP units working in Pashtun areas. If this is normal, it of course means that “local police force” are just another outside enemy to local population.


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