Posted by: Christian | November 25, 2009

My Life With The Taliban

This isn’t as bad as it looks:

No, it’s not a Taliban fan club. It’s the facebook page for My Life with the Taliban.

Personal narratives, even if they are self-serving and lop-sided, are valuable tools (i.e., I guarantee Democrat Party strategists are reading Sarah Palin’s book and that Republican strategists read Obama’s). There are still about two months until the book is released. I’m quite curious to see what Alex Strick van Linschoten and Felix Kuehn (the editors) have come up with.

Visit the website to see all the reviews from smart people. The most useful and succinct snippet is from Gilles Dorronsoro:

‘Who are the Taliban? This is the question that has obsessed policy-makers and the public alike in the last decade. In this truly exceptional text, the former Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, Mullah Zaeef, offers an honest account of his personal world-view and a first-hand history of the Taliban movement. The remarkable editing of Alex Strick van Linschoten and Felix Kuehn allows non-specialists fully to understand the context and cultural references that support Zaeef’s narrative.’


  1. Now I’m a fan, too. Looking forward to the book.


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