Posted by: Christian | December 16, 2009

Bernt Glatzer RIP

A huge loss to the community that studies Afghanistan. While many of you may not know his name he has certainly had a great influence on the field of Afghanistan studies, with his post-2001 writings on the Pashtuns being particularly valuable to a broader audience. Thomas Ruttig at AAN writes his obituary.

Update: AAN has put up a translation of an interview with Glatzer. H/T to the first commenter.


  1. RIP. He was one of the great ones, and wrote very readable papers I’d recommend to deploying soldiers.

  2. Met him for the first time in October of this year, in London; a very nice man who didn’t seem to take himself too seriously. We had a nice discussion on Pushtuns, Pakistan and the use of scholarship by the military.

    He will be missed greatly.

    As with Joshua, I would recommend his writings to those who both deploy into or work on the Afghanistan and Pakistan theater.

  3. Am shocked to hear of the far too early death of our dear friend Bernt.

    I met Bernt in the early 90’s in Islamabad and we have been in contact ever since.

    What an enormous loss to all of us – to all those who try to understand Afghanistan.

    I will miss him and so will many others around the globe!


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