Posted by: Christian | December 31, 2009

Afghanistan Bibliography Download

I just finished up the 5th edition of the Afghanistan Analyst Bibliography. I checked all the hyperlinks, which most institutions changed because they want all links to their work to die a horrible death. That took a few eons. And it has much more content, and not just from 2009. I’ve changed around the sections a bit and made formatting alterations to shorten the page count as well. But it still goes long at almost 190 pages. Oh, and there are bookmarks. Here it is:

The Afghanistan Analyst Bibliography, 5th edition (1.1MB PDF)

If there is a source (academic article, institutional report, book) that you feel is missing, just fire me off an email (I’ll just lose it if you write anything in the comments here) and I’ll sneak it into the version that I keep at the Afghanistan Analyst.

And here’s a copy at scribd:


And some table of contents from the bibliography for the search engines:

1. Ethnic Groups

2. Conflict and Mobilization: War, Ethnicity, Jihad, Taliban,
Factions, “Warlords,” etc… (Late 1970s to the present)

3. Islam: Political Islam, Sharia, “Jihad”, Sects and Religious Affairs

4. State-Building: The International Community, Reconstruction, Security,
Economy, Government and Development

5. Policy: Announcements, Recommendations and Criticisms

6. Opium: Cultivation, Drug Use and Trafficking

7. Land: Environment, Agriculture, Property Issues,
and Natural Resources

8. Human Rights

9. Women, Gender and Family

10. Military: Operations, Civil-Military Relations, PRTs and COIN

11. Security Sector: DDR, Militias, Afghan National Army and Police,
PMCs and Security Contractors

12. Population Movements: Refugees, IDPs and Migration

13. Health and Medicine

14. Education

15. Macro and Micro Economics

16. Public Opinion: Interviews, Study Groups, Polls and Surveys

17. Periodicals and Academic Journals

Phew. The Albatross is off my neck.


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