Posted by: Christian | January 13, 2011

Afghanistan Law Bibliography

Tim Mathews at the University of Maine has compiled a bibliography on Afghanistan’s legal systems; state, Islamic and traditional. Tim is a former US Army officer and JD candidate who has built up an impressive understanding of the various legal systems in Afghanistan – a skill that is indispensable in understanding conflict resolution, justice, human rights, state-building etc… This document is a valuable contribution. It has been published via The Afghanistan AnalystDownload a PDF here or below at Scribd.

Here’s a look at the table of contents:

1. References. Guides other than academic or research articles that provide broad background information

2. Afghan Law, In General. Broad topics related to Afghan legal systems and legal history

3. Customary Law. Afghan customary law and history

4. Islamic Law, In General. Articles focusing upon Sunni jurisprudence in both international and domestic areas of law

5. Islamic Law in Afghanistan. Articles focusing on Islamic law as applied in Afghanistan, to include functioning of courts of Sharia

6. State Codes and State Legal System. Functioning of state courts, administrative processes, and discussion of state codes

7. Constitution: Drafting and Law. Articles discussing Afghan constitutional law, constitutional drafting, and related issues

8. Rule of Law and Policy Issues. Post-conflict reconstruction, transitional justice, human rights, and security issues relevant to the legal system


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