Posted by: Christian | September 24, 2011

Research and Teaching Fellowships + MA Student Scholarships at the OSCE

I don’t usually post announcements here, but the Central Eurasia Listserv has been experiencing some issues as of late.

The OSCE Academy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (my current home) has two fellowship positions open for teaching macroeconomics and microeconomics (minimum requirement to teach is a Master’s degree) There will be plenty of time on the side to work on your own research (and the language of instruction is English). Announcement info here:

TWO Teaching and Research Fellowships – OSCE Academy (PDF)

Furthermore, applications are open for scholarships for the Master of Arts in Economic Governance and Development Programme (2012-2013). Scholarships are available for Central Asian and Afghan students. More info here.

Contact info can be found in the link and PDF above. Don’t send me any messages, as I’m not involved in these two programs.


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