My name is Christian Bleuer. I write here about various issues in Central Asia and Afghanistan: politics, history, culture, society, government and conflict.

I am a PhD student at The Australian National University’s Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (The Middle East and Central Asia). I received my MA from Indiana University’s Central Eurasian Studies Department.

My academic work focuses on rural and peripheral social, political and conflict dynamics in Central Asia. Of particular interest to me are local solidarity groups, identity and loyalty, especially how these factors affect survival strategies during conflict and competition.

I am also the creator/editor of The Afghanistan Analyst, an online research portal for Afghanistan. I’m currently building an equivalent site for Tajikistan.

I maintain a minimal online profile here. I’m on Academia.edu and on LinkedIn.

Where did the option for leaving comments go? It’s gone forever. When I blogged without a comments section I had lots of rewarding email correspondence, including with those who disagreed strongly with me. After opening up my blog to comments, emails dropped off sharply and the comments section became quite time consuming and unproductive for all the reasons you can imagine. And recently the debate on Afghanistan has become rather unpleasant. I’m less willing to host ongoing angry debates on my personal blog. And the threats got old pretty quickly. But if you feel that something I wrote is detrimental to your personal reputation as a journalist or soldier or academic or analyst or whatever, then I will link to a rebuttal or insert one into a blog entry.

— Christian Bleuer

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